The time has come

Minolta DSC

Minolta DSC

Have you ever looked around you and just felt you didn’t belong anymore? You feel like you have become a bigger and better version of you, one that is not suitable for the space you are in. You feel like the biggest things in your life are tiny in comparison to the adventures that are just around the corner? You feel stifled, caught in a net where you can see through the net to an adventurous land but can’t quite reach it no matter how much you strain to grasp it.

This is the time. Now is the time.

You are ready.

You are ready to sprout wings and fly. You are ready to make the move to bigger better things. Things that will make you happy, things that will expand your horizons and challenge you. They will bring out the best in you and the worst in you. They will allow you to reach your highest highs and lowest lows. You will be happy, you will be sad but ultimately you will be changed. Changed for the better and the worst. Changed for all eternity. Changed into something great or something terrible.


Change is not the enemy. Change is the cacoon we wrap ourselves in before we emerge a different person. Change is the catalyst to bring out who were are. It’s a series of developments that slowly chip away at the rough exterior to let the inner you shine. We never stop changing. We grow old.

We die.

The only time we are constant is when the life has left us and we look out with unseeing eyes. When people are mourning our passing but when we lie lifeless in a wooden box that is just pretty method of getting rid of the flesh that carries us through life.

Death is final.


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