All things good from this week!

As a SEO specialist and WordPress front end developer I get to sit on the internet all day. As such I find the most interesting websites, quotes and more.Sharing is caring so here goes 🙂

Quote – In the book ‘Happier,’ author Tal Ben-Shahar notes that:

for people who work toward a goal simply out of a need to prove their worthiness, the dominant emotion when they achieve it is not happiness or accomplishment, but relief. And even that relief is short-lived. Because when your self-worth relies exclusively on outside praise and affirmation, it’s a never-ending pursuit.

* I was reading about weight loss and fitness competitions and I find this quote so true!


Picture – Capturegh

One of the best books I have read in  quite a while written by a South African and set in CT. Look out for its review in the June issue of the Trendfrenzy magazine!

Article – Many people say that unless you are black and born in Africa you are not an Africa. I disagree. I was born in Zimbabwe and have African blood in my veins. After travelling in Europe, setting foot on African soil again after a long period of time was an indescribable feeling. This piece argues that anyone born in Africa is an Africa. Read it here!

Video – 2 words inspirational. If that doesn’t motivate you then you are probably a zombie!    

Have a great weekend! 🙂


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