Being Grateful for the small things

Today I am grateful for my mother who enabled me to get an education.

My mom and I have never had money.Sure, we have never been destitute but there has never been money for luxuries. That is half the reason why I started working when I was 16.

My mom’s only goal was to educate me. For 3 years we both worked hard, scrimped and saved and here I am, with my second degree, an Honors degree in International Politics. She always placed such an emphasis on education that even though now I have got 2 degree’s I still want go on and complete my Masters degree and eventually one day my Doctorate.



So many women and men are denied an education when that is all they want. If you think about it, the man who could find the cure to cancer is sitting somewhere right now dreaming of an education. The person who could negotiate peace talks and make the world a better place is crying right now because she wants to go to school but can’t because of religious laws and centuries of sexist thinking. While rich kids all over the world get given world class education opportunities and squander it away, spending all their time on partying and not realising what they have been given.

My mum is my rock. Without her, I would be lost. We get on so well we are more like best friends than mother and daughter.


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