Something to Help you Suffer

May my suffering be of service….

This is a profound sentence. I found it when I was really upset and suffering. I had wanted something so badly and it would have changed my life. I didn’t get it. It unleashed a world of emotions in me. But the main thought that came to my head was ” I am not good enough “.

I found this mantra/sentence/thought and it made me feel better. I am resilient. I always have been. My life hasn’t been easy but compared to some peoples lives it has been a dream. It is all relative I guess. I always have a plan B and I bounce back quickly.

This time not so much. Until I read that line.


The idea behind is that your suffering now will be of service to someone in the future. So no matter what you are going through or how you are suffering one day you will be able to help someone. It almost made my pain enjoyable if that makes sense. I am a humanist and I love helping people. I can’t bear to see people suffer and I want to dedicate my life to that (read more about that later).

Read more about here.

So next time you are suffering and in pain repeat “may my suffering be of service” and see how it makes you feel.


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