SA Fashion Week 2015

Last week I stepped out of the IT circle and into the infamous fashion world.648x374xEC-Fashion-Week-experience-Sep2014-offer-Feature-Images.jpg.pagespeed.ic_.bm8sP6nHSp

I write for an online magazine  and the editor Carla Galinos and I got invited to the SA Fashion Week. As we were invited to view one of the shows on Friday night we could both go and we excitley rsvp’d yes.

SA Fashion Week is amazing. All the styles from all over Johannesburg and some interntational cities get together in a cultural melting pot to discuss, watch and live fashion. It was held at the Crown Plaza Hotel in the posh district of Rosebank in Johannesburg. The hotel was beautiful with amazing decor.


As guests of the designer Karolina Olowsdotter who was affiliated with City Varsity we were treated with Rimmel goodie bags and Cruz Vodka in tiny little cocktails. We were also given a glossy magazine about SA Fashion Week. We had a great vantage point of the run way and saw 3 collections by 3 different designers: Ere, Wake, Lalesso and of course Olowsdotter.

The clothes were all very different from each other, and the music was dark, with a lot of base. One of the tracks I remember was a song by the Gorillaz, Fire Coming Out of a Monkeys Head.The runway was flat and white with long hanging stick lights in the middle of the runway. My descriptions leave much to be desired but please see the pictures in the magazine.

If you want to read more about Karolina Olowsdotter check out our March edition here out on the 8th of April.lookbookcdfoldout7

Going to the fashion show was definitely an experience. I saw weird and wonderful fashions, interesting things, clothes my gran would wear and clothes I would kill for. I saw people tweeting furiously and cameras going off at milisecond intervals.

In other words I saw fashion.


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