An Opportunity to Change the World

The traditional model of development is one that has this scenario in it:

Rich country A gives to poor country B. Rich country A gives money for aid, food and injections and aid workers. In cases like Somalia the state becomes dependent on the rich country as the rich country is not giving country A the resources it needs to grow and develop in order to become sustainable. It is a neverending destructive cycle that doesn’t help anyone.

There is more to it but this is the basic model.

This needs to change. Rich countries need to give infrastructure resources to states in order to maximise economic growth. I don’t want to get into the economics of it.How ever this model of change does not ONLY apply to big states. It applies to local charities and donations given to it.


What if we invested in the people? What if we didn’t give money but an hour or 2 of our time every week to a person who needs general advice? Who has never done a CV, or heard of overseas countries, those who don’t know to use internet banking, put on makeup or get buff in the gym. I feel so privileged that I know all of this, yet at the same time I feel like I know nothing. But I know that I know 1000 times more information that some people.

I am not qualified to give advice about running a business I know that. But I have life skills people have made time to teach me.

Information age has helped people I will agree. People have more access to information but think of those who cannot afford computers? Those young teenagers in orphanages and homes all over the country.

ImageI want to start a mentorship . I use the word mentorship loosely as its meaning is debated. Let’s make it simple. I want to find an underprivileged teenager who knows next to nothing. I want to spend an hour a week helping that boy or girl learn skills to help them in life and to open up their mind.

If 2 out of 10 people did this, imagine the impact it would make. Imagine how many lives you could change and how many lessons YOU can learn. Just imagine.


If you are interested in this initiative, please leave a comment and I will contact you.


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