The Wonder that is Anton Smit’s Art

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting Anton Smit’s Sculpture park located in Bronkhorstpruit. My uncle had found it a few weeks before that and came home to tell us a story about “The Burning Man”. The family as a whole was intrigued and so we took a day trip to go see this beautiful park. This is just the entrance!


The Entrance

He is a completely self-taught artist. He works with various mediums including steel, wood, stone and other materials. He plays with normal figures by adding strange unexpected elements to each piece making it unique. His understanding of the human form is outstanding and his figures look so real and graceful. The contours are smooth and the lines clean and uncluttered.  His art invites the admirer to feel the statue and get lost in its complex simplicity.  Due to his amazing art he has had exhibitions in Bonn, Washington, Amsterdam, Koln and Singapore. His work is dotted all over South Africa with works permanently displayed in the Pretoria and Petermaritzburg Art Museums. He is being hailed as one of the most important sculptors in South Africa today and his work is in such great demand that he works full time creating these marvellous and awe inspiring pieces.


The Crouching Angel

I could never truly and adequately describe the beauty of his work so I will let the art speak for itself.


My Favorite Piece


The Burning Man




the Gallery


The Artist Himself

Here is a link to the website for more information.


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