Orlando Towers Bungee Jump

The view from far away

So bungee jumping is pretty standard these days. Except for the fact that in Soweto you can jump off 2 works of art that were formally working cooling towers. The  Orlando cooling towers were  “bought” by a local bank (FNB) and were then painted with various pictures depicting South Africa.It is a local tourist attraction that is a must see and very hard to miss (literally). You don’t actually realise how big the tower are until you are between them.

The base of the towers

The base of the towers

They are held up by beautiful concrete struts that just invite you to become a kid again and go exploring under these mammoth towers. Not the cleanest but the muddy littered water could be a river of lava for those who are more imaginative!

the struts!

the struts!

As for the actual experience I was a chicken, and decided to stay safely on the ground while my sister leaped off the bridge with the grace and class of a swan, then to hang upside down in the sky while a technical fault made lowering her to the floor take a bit  longer than usual.  The experience was great, and she was did it all with a hangover. Well done Tara 🙂 She said she would do it again but it was so scary. Definitely something to do. The pictures do not do it justice and even if you don’t feel like being crazy there are a number of other activities available for those less interested in adrenaline. Like paintball, underground soccer, SCAD jumping, rock climbing, rap jumping all with a ambient atmosphere, music that pumps you up and a lovely truly African restaurant to eat and drink at while clapping for the brave souls up on the bridge.

orlando 3


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