Facebook: An Evolving Organism

Recently I recently subscribed to Robert Scoble, a tech junkie and a very interesting person. He always posts the most interesting stuff, generally things even I have never heard of. He does it in a informal way and always supplements the words with either clips from sound cloud or pictures or links to previous articles. My timeline is much more interesting a a result of him. Everyday I learn something new which is the whole point of Facebook (for me anyway).  Check put his blog here: http://scobleizer.com/

Facebook is becoming more and more workable into our daily lives. Did you know you can customize your news feed simply by hiding the stuff you don’t want to see? Facebook remember a this and in future hides those pots. And visa  versa. The more stuff you like the better and more relevant your news feed is. The more stuff you choose to hide, the less you see of it in the future. Another great way to organise your news feed. Just another innovation that is there to save you time. Recently they have put in place impressive new privacy settings which is a big issue for a number of people I know. I don’t want to write more because  it is better explained in Robert’s post (check out his blog)

Mark Zuckerberg: a leading mind

Mark Zuckerberg: a leading mind

Some people would call it parasitic. Some people are afraid of the effect using such a technology would have on our daily lives. They would say the life of the Jetsons (that old futuristic cartoon) is going to be reality soon. Other’s are excited for this new digital age.  Like me. Convenience is a big factor when developing any sort of products today and if used correctly they can change our world. People are scared of change, and also in order for Facebook to fully integrate itself into people’s daily lives it has to have the ability to store masses of information about people. Soon not only the government will have a record of people in a state but also Facebook.

Evolution at it's best

Evolution at it’s best

It is safe to say that with the time and the money Facebook is investing in research and development, the future is looking brighter and brighter. Facebook imagines a future where it can be linked to almost anything one does in ordinary life. Don’t be scared. It is the way of the future.


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