Miners VS The Police

When is it alright to use deadly force? When is it alright for workers to hack cops to death? Does this mean cops should shoot back? All of these are fundamental questions that South Africa has not answered and led to a event that will remain engraved in our mind’s and hearts.;

The media has been in a complete buzz since Thursday when the Lonmin Markana mine “massacre happened last week Thursday. I am not going to explain it to you because almost everyone knows about it as it was so widely publicized. The New York Times even ran a story about it on the day.

I got into a couple of arguements on Twitter because I was defending the police. This basically boils down to the psychology of South Africans. Due to the apartheid culture protesters believe the only way to get the governments attention is by violent protests. As long as this belief endures, the police will be forced to be stuck in the middle, between the people and the policy makers. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think what they did was right BUT what else were they to do? Tear gas and water cannons did nothing to stop the violent protesters over 3000 strong armed with panags and weapons chanting war songs. In the day before the shooting, the protesters had HACKED to death 2 police officers. Thus when the group started running towards the police, they panicked. The policemen were tense, highly strung and angry about their colleauges. That number of portesters could easily have overpowered the police an then what? So they did the only thing they could do. They shot and stopped the miners.

Sadly 34 miners were killed in the shoot out. But recently it has come to light that what started the shooting was a miner using a handgun shooting at the police. The miners were desperate, worried and hyped up by their colleagues and were fighting for their livlihood. However I believe that the police did nothing wrong and that those miners chose to charge at the police knowing full well what could happen. It was a extremely tragic event and has portrayed South Africa in a negative light. However it did have one good effect which was the platinum price rose by quite a bit. The President has ordered a commission of inquiry to find out exactly what happened. However we all know some heads will rose in the SAPS force even though they were forced to do what they did. Sadly this is what happens in South Africa and the basic psyche of people need to change before the country moves forward past the legacy of the Apartheid regime.

N.B I did not include photo’s because they were too graphic and might upset my readers.

P.S Exciting blog post coming up about things to do in New York ( not the usual tourist attractions but the REAL NYC everyone talk’s about)



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