Abnormally Large Tea Cups

So I am a tea addict. I don’t deny it. Everyday I NEED to have at least 5 cups of tea. After a while those normal piddly small mugs just didn’t satisfy my craving. 4 sips and you are at the bottom of your not so bottomless cup.

Before I go any further I should probably tell you why I am writing this post. A) I am procrastinating and putting off studying for my marketing test (which I am writing in 2 hours). B) There is a weekly writing challenge called “Mundane to Meaningful” so I decided to give it a try. It advocates taking a simple item or action from your day and making it into a meaningful and interesting post readers enjoy.

So I have a number of large mugs ranging from normal mugs, to bigger mugs to large mugs, to insanely tall and satisfying mugs.  Image

Now that is my kind of mug.  I was on the hunt for a new (insanely tall) mug the other day and I found some interesting variations. Like this, for example:


or this for all those clever people out there:


and just in case those idiots at work ask you what you like for the 12th time:


What about if Sheldon Cooper comes round for tea?


and last of all for you when you are having a bad day:


Just a brief post to keep you smiling and drinking tea 😀



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