~ Motivation ~

I am a strange person. Some day’s I am so motivated I’m like the Japanese Bullet Train. Other days all I can do is struggle to get off my couch and go through the motions of the day.  But someone asked me the question ” What motivates you” and it provoked a number of thoughts…

I am motivated by…

Humanity – The people I see in the street. The couples cuddling and kissing sharing their souls with each other. The mothers playing with their children with such love in their eyes. The businessman in the fancy BMW with the world on his shoulders.. The struggle between life and death, rich and poor and happy and sad. Successful people who have made it through anything the world throws at them. A little child helping an old man.

Nature – Beautiful sunsets (especially in Africa). Pretty tree’s moving in the wind. A delicate flower hidden in the most unlikely place.  Water rushing through canyons and forging new pathways.  The moon shining bright at night. Stars twinkling from the heavens. Clouds in funny shapes. Light shining through water. Snowflakes and snow storms.

Animals – My beautiful cat that makes me laugh every day. The happiness of my dogs when they see me. Beautiful butterfly’s in summer. Strong, majestic tigers with blue eyes. The smallest hamster. The big but gentle elephants. The scary but pretty snakes.The bird with the funniest hairstyle.

Art – Tattoo’s on bodies. Amazing graffiti on the wall. Pretty canvasses filled with colours and shapes. Books filled with words that make our imaginaton come to our life and inspire our dreams. Furniture made into strange and unique shapes. Music that moves one to tears or makes you want to move like never before. Movies that show a different side of nature.

So many more but not enough time. What inspires you?


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