Check it Out!

.. So lately I have been sharpening my pencil and been tapping into my Creative juices. Hence me starting to post blogs again!

I have started writing for an South African online magazine called Trendfrenzy. It started in November 2010 and has grown from strength to strength. It is a magazine dedicated to showcasing South African talent, both already known and those still struggling to make it into the big leagues.  There are 5 regular writers (including me) and then we have contributors that send in articles on a ad-hoc basis. The magazine is always an interesting read and has a number of different articles about all sorts of things.

I personally write 3 regular features, The Bucket List, Trendtech and the Photo’s of the Month and I also contribute a number of other articles. It is a challenge at times to find story idea’s and do interview features however I am learning quickly and learning to use Photoshop as well. This makes it all worth it.

So, loyal readers, go check out the mag!

Magazine link –

Facebook link –


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