67 Minutes For Nelson Mandela

~ ” There are 2 sides to every story ” ~

South Africa’s honorary father and former president Nelson Mandela, celebrates his 94th birthday on the 18th of July (today).  Nelson Mandels is a icon known all over the world for what he did for South Africa and the steps he took to bridge the racial divide and build the rainbow nation of South Africa. Mandela Day has become synonymous with the 67 minutes campaign where ordinary people dedicate 67 minutes of their day to helping others, in honour of Mr. Nelson Mandela’s sacrifices.

The media has been promoting the 67 minutes campaign like crazy and people from all walks of life have given their 67 minutes to a worthy cause. People helped at soup kitchens, painting old classrooms, spending time with aged people and all sorts of other things. Other people have donated money or are planning to do something this coming weekend. I personally did not have time today but I am planning to visit an old age home this coming week to spend time with people who desperately want some love. Old people are the forgotten people and while there are sooooooooooooo many people who need help they need their last days to be memorable.  People have spent time at the SPCA helping wash and love animals, building houses (67 in simply a week) via Habitat for Humanity and many other noble pursuits. This is a nation wide drive to help better the country by living through Nelson Mandela’s idea’s and words. What did you do for your 67 minutes?


Just something for you to think about!



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