My Bucket List #1

Every man dies – Not every man really lives.” ~ William Ross

So I believe everyone should have a bucket list. A list of your dreams and hopes. A list you should add to and try cross things off. A list of places to go or things to do. So here is mine!

#1:  Spend a Night in a Haunted House or Hotel

Picture this…You pick a hotel to stay in. After unpacking everything you leave and go downstairs for supper. You come back and have a strange feeling when you enter the room. You look around to make sure everything is ok and notice your hairbrush is now on the floor. Not where you left it. You put it out of your mind and get ready for bed…. You are deep asleep in the comfy bed dreaming of stars, Hollywood or your dog back home . Suddenly you wake up with a start and standing over your bed is a ghostly individual leaning towards you with its hand out stretched in a warning. You scream and then remember this what you paid for.

Visiting haunted hotels has been a popular option for those looking for excitement. People have always been curious about the reality of supernatural phenomenon.  They want to see and experience something from another world and thus go looking for adventure. Haunted places are generally where a number of individuals have died in strange and unexplained circumstances.Many places cater for these people by adding scary people in costumes to the hotel, painting the wall with “blood” and using tapes to play scary music and sound effects.

However there are a few places  that are actually truly haunted by those who have not crossed over. Ones where ghosts haunt the corridors, move objects and make doors slam behind you . One of these such places is the  the Stanley Hotel in Colorado. This was the movie that inspired Stephen Kings book “The Shining” and the movie “Room 418”.


A staff member says he saw a face like that of a large dog like creature in the mirror that watched him. Others tell of taps being turned on in the middle of the nights, toilets being flushed at all hours and objects always being moved around. Ghost photo’s are best taken when there is snow but any time is a good time.

People who have stayed in room 408 reported hearing children playing and laughing loudly outside their door. When they went to look, there was no one in sight. They also say they have left the room for a few minutes only to return and find the entire room in a mess. They also found hand prints of small children on the mirrors.

The original owner Stanley’s wife Flora plays the piano (the same piano that was present when the couple was alive) in the ballroom. Guests and employees claim to have heard faint music coming from the ballroom and have witnessed the piano keys moving. Some witnesses have seen a woman sitting at the piano bench.

Check out the hotel at

For a more local alternative try the Mountain Park Holiday Resort in Bulwer in  Kwazulu Natal. A number of ghosts reside on the property and can lead to an interesting experience when sleeping there over night.

For the more adventurous there are a number of ghost tours and haunted houses around South Africa that will give you a truly ghostly experience.


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