“Be My Pen-Pal?”

“I am a 17 year old girl living in america. I would like a girl pen pal of my age to write to anywhere in the world. My interests are swimming…….”.


I admit this a strange introduction for the blog post but just bear with me. How many of you had a pen pal when you were much younger? Before you even knew what the internet is and snail mail was the best option for contacting someone? I had a couple. One being an american polish guy called john. Oh the letters and then emails I use to exchange with him! I even got pictures of him once and he taught me the polish way of saying I love you. I still remember it to this day.

I was thinking about it today after reading a friends blog. I miss those days when you could innocently befriend a stranger on another continent, without it being sexual or a scam, and share your life with them. Everyone is so suspicious these days no helps anyone anymore which is terribly sad. Yes due to technology today people are very spread out and there are many different ways of talking to each other but how many people actually do? A bbm message here, a quick email there, a facebook wall post once in a while but no sustained conversation for most of us. It’s sad to think that these days we are so involved and busy with our own lives we can’t even give a little bit of time to sit write and share your feelings, expriences and news with someone? I am not saying I make the time to do this but from now on I will. In a YOU! Magazine I read earlier two ladies were pen oals for 72 years. They never met but carried on writing to each other thorough two wars, various relocations, family illnesses and boring every day life. They have only recently met due to the kindness of a stranger who paid for everything. This to me is better than the friendship some have on facebook these days.

This is just a quick post but from now I will make the effort to have a sustained conversation with someone that I hope will last for a quite a while. I want to share my feelings and thoughts with someone and yes I do have Facebook, but how many people car? How many people comment? How many people would you actually share your feelings with?

Keep writing, keep caring…
“Ya Koch a tee” – I love you ( in polish)


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