Blue Dogs & Dream Men

In a recent article by the Economist it stated that it will soon possible to  order custom made pets. Impossible you say? Not for much longer. These pets will be ready in the next 3 years or so.

To make a custom pet you need different types of cells. Put together in a specific way. Layered on top of each other in a particular order. I don’t know the exact details nor do I want to. Want a blue dog? You can order a blue dog. No questions asked except for maybe which shade of blue and what temprement you want your dog to have..

This brilliant doctor (or mad scientist) also says soon he will be able to develop custom made people for this who just can’t seem to find someone. To me this scheme reeks of money. Imagine all of this people on eHarmony all finding their “perfect” match. Just like shopping for a  couch. Custom made to your wishes. 6 packs to go!



This makes me think of the question”when will we stop?”. Don’t get me wrong I am all for progressing humanity, and inventing and exploring new things but this is just absurd. People are the way they are because of the experiences they have had. So what happens when they ( being the designed/produced people) are placed in a world full of potentially changing experiences?


Picture this. Someone asks where you an your boyfriend met. “Oh him? I was bored one day an decided to design my dream man on a website”. Will these people and animals be able to live a normal life?Will they be susceptible to illnesses?  So many questions. The world is progressing so fast that even now we struggle to discern between fantasy and reality. I fear that in the future it will get much worse. When will we value original human beings for what they are instead of constantly trying to change them.

What are your thoughts on the matter?


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