Quick Note from Sasha:This is a guest blog written by a very dear friend of mine ( Cameron Stewart) who’s stories will have you rolling around on the floor with laughter. This post is an experiment and if you like it PLEASE COMMENT.If enough people like it it will become a regular feature. xxx

Spider-Camm was the term of endearment used by friends of Tim Summers[1] to refer to him. The name was later adopted by Tim Summers when he became the well known vigilante known more commonly as Spider-Camm.


Tim was born to parents Karl and Cassandra Summers[2] in the suburb of Kensington, Johannesburg, Tim was diagnosed with a strange blood-borne disorder due to the radiation exposure in the womb. Tim’s mother, Cassandra Summers is a retired superhero formerly known as the “Helix” and had the ability of elasticity and could stretch her body form at will. Cassandra acquired this ability from radiation poisoning as a child after a nuclear power plant near her home had ruptured.

Tim’s parents discovered at a very early age that Cassandra’s gene mutations had been inherited by their son. Most children Tim’s age were hobbling along awkwardly, bumping into and falling over anything in their way. Not Tim. Tim would send the neighbour’s dog into frenzy by hanging upside down on a human web from the neighbour’s apple tree, which, understandably, terrified the neighbours even more so than their dog. Imagine trying to convince your neighbours that the upside down toddler which dangled in front of their dining room window and interrupted their breakfast was simply going through “growing difficulties”.  And by the age of six, Tim had single-handedly caused the resignation of eight house-keepers as he propelled himself out the water and onto the ceiling on a web during bath-time. It was not an infrequent occurrence to hear shrieks of “Tokoloshi” as the different house-keepers exited 14 Willow Way drive after such an episode. It had gotten to such a point that Cassandra and Karl didn’t have enough time to learn each one’s name before they left the house in a distraught manner.

Yes…Tim was a very ‘special’ kind of boy. Tim was a mutant.  But mutants were not widely accepted in society and so events such as the terrifying of neighbours and the scaring of the house-keepers had to be kept to a minimum. And so, Karl and Cassandra entrusted their son’s education and development into the care of a fellow former superhero, Michael Allan Johnston, better known as “Clout”. Johnston and Tim’s godfather, Christopher Wilson, the superhero formerly known as “Aegis”, ran a private institution dedicated to the “education and development of those with genetic gifts”. However, it was here where Tim’s altruist alter-ego “Spider-Camm” would be forged, through both tragedy and  triumph…

Next week- “Blood is thicker than water- a death in the family”.

[1] The person’s true identity has not been revealed due to federal law regarding prohibiting the use of Superhero aliases in public documents. See § 15 (a) VI III of the Superhero Registration Act 24 of 1968.

[2] Not their real names.


2 thoughts on “~SpiderCamm~

  1. Heya 🙂 nope but we do have to dodge taxi’s and deal with the government which is just as bad!!! Interesting blog by the way! KEEP up the good work!!! xxx

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