The Ornamental Japanese Cherry Tree – Perception

The Ornamental Japanese Cherry Tree

 On my way to and from university I walk down a beautiful avenue of ornamental Japanese cherry tree’s and as its spring they are flowering profusely . Simply they are my inspiration for writing this blog.

 The Ornamental Japanese Cherry Tree. A beautiful tree. Pink blossoms. Leaves. Bark. A trunk. In every aspect a tree. In life there are always 2 ways to look at something. 

 **It’s Not What it Seems** 

So the name is supposed to explain the tree. A Japanese Ornamental Cherry Tree. The important words here are cherry tree. Does it produce cherries? No. It is not what it seems. It is not what is advertised. Aha but then we read the title again and find that sneaky little “ornamental”. Put in there to say it’s kind of a cherry tree but it’s not. Now let’s put this into practice. Bad and clichéd example I know but let’s use the stereo typical modern day hetro-sexual man. With a naught grin, a cute butt and brown eyes you could melt in. He advertises himself (very cleverly) as the dream man, starting with the flowers he brings you on the first date, the old school type of chivalry where he opens doors for you and pulls out your chair. But you have a nagging doubt. Is this guy too good to be true? BUT a couple of things don’t make sense. Why does he drive a middle or the range car if he is the top notch ad executive that he says he is? Why won’t he take you back to his apartment? Why does he have a pink gay pride cap on the back seat? Nagging doubts but barely incriminating. Much later you found out he was bisexual. Or just dating you so his secret won’t come out. He wasn’t what he advertised but he was still a dateable man. Just not dateable for you. So be careful but also realise that everyone advertises themselves falsely in one way or another (push up bra’s, high heels, expensive cell phones etc.) .Don’t judge, don’t hate, just move on.

**It’s still a thing of beauty**

 So it’s not actually a cherry producing tree. Who needs cherries? They only good thing they are for are for promiscuous woman to take knots in their stalks in seedy bars or to add that little bit of class to that cosmopolitan your drinking. By the 9th cosmopolitan you have forgotten there was a cherry and you simple see the cosmopolitan that is slowly getting you intoxicated and giving you that confidence to go chat to the hottie at the bar. So to end this off there’s something good in everything and if you strip away the perceptions around everything ( no damn cherries) and see it for what it is ( a beautiful tree that has inspired many movies) you will enjoy it much more than being upset because it didn’t live up to its title or role or even your perceptions about what it should do or be.


Sorry I had to 😛


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