The epic, the amazing, the awesome…. first post

a physical look of what i want this blog to be like

“Politicans and diapers should be changed frequently and for the same reason” – Anonymous

My title “Cocktails, Men & Politics”: I’m a varsity student a BAdmin in International Relations. I try keep up with the political happenings here and all over the world and Twitter and Facebook help me as well as various newsletters for Gizmag, The Economist, The New York Times and the Atlantic. As well as my new way of advertising this very blog. My best friend Sarah (you will be hearing a lot about her in later posts) and I often go out drink cocktails, dance, meet strange and oh so gorgeous men and have lots of stories to tell. Trust me, the stories I have about horror dates rival even Dean Koontz’s books. Like the guy who took me to MacDonalds for a date and the guy who conveniently “forgot” me at Voodoo lounge. But those are all stories for another day.

Imagine a diary full to bursting with pictures, momento’s, tags from concerts, flyers from events, debates, angry scribblings about everyday life and our current political system etc. This is going to be my electronic form of that very exciting diary. This is going to be my think pad. Every valuable and useful thought I get I will write it down and post. Whether you like it or not.

I haven’t felt passionate about anything for a while. I’ve lacked “va va voom” and no getting in a Mazda car will not help me. But for the first time I got excited about this blog. I mean I even planned this post and did research to be able to grab your attention without making the first few lines about sex! I hope many people will read this and I hope you’ll bear with me while while I get the hang of this new (for me) type of social media.

Happy reading and all (even if your meanie) comments are welcome!



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